Zed Penguin

Zed Penguin

Zed Penguin is the brainchild of Matthew Winter, now joined by drummer Casey (formerly of The Magnificents and Pet) and James Metcalfe (The Pineapple Chunks), on bass.

Zed Penguin’s warped rockabilly sound has a wonderful grittiness to it, all deep, dark, down and dirty.  He likes to use his effects pedals but the warm sound he produces is due in part to a lovely homemade amp specially constructed for him by Jim from fellow Limbo alumni HRH.  He’s recently released an EP, Red Tulip, Yellow Tulip, and a single, Heathens, with acclaimed visual artist David Lemm creating something of a killer video to complement the latter.

Heathens sounds a bit like My Bloody Valentine, if Kevin Shields had spent a bit more time listening to Alan Vega and some of the weirder records in the ZE catalogue, while the video seems to re-imagine The Blair Witch Project via The Wickerman, or something. Anyway, it’s all brilliant.


David Lemm Video


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